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The subject of research is a sort of constant to me.” Says Renato Testi, the company’s managing director. “To develop new solutions is a creative incitation to better work every day and constantly improve the quality of our products. The employment of high technology is to be added to a great passion for our work, and the combination of these elements naturally leads to Marmi La Bella’s excellent results.”
Our company policy has always been based on the massive investment in up-to-date and advanced technologies that, together with experience and passion, provide an ever-increasing quality of the product. Thus, technology and a great team spirit have been the driving force behind the growth of the company.
If from one hand we have up-to-date technique and machinery to process natural stone, from the other we have capable human resources at the basis of our know-how, competence and professionalism, which we never forget to enhance. Furthermore, we can rely on numerous high professional consultants team, coming from the university and research world. Through their expertise we can be leader in reaching an ever-increasing knowledge, an essential requirement to face up tomorrow challenges.
We invest a lot on energies to study and improve the organization of the production cycle and the logistics – through a careful and clear distribution of tasks and responsibility – and thanks to an advanced integrated computer system we control every single phase of processing.
In this way we can guarantee our customers a sure and quick delivery of their goods.
We are working to an on-line system that will allow our customers to get 24 hours a day real-time information about their blocks and slabs warehouse, their photo gallery (slab by slab) of the processed materials ready to be delivered, the estimated delivery time, and a pro-forma invoice.
An extraordinary and complete stream of information at our customers’ disposal!

Therefore, specialization and expertise are our credentials to meet our customers.