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From generations, we are specialized in third-part processing of stone - from blocks profiling to sawing, from all specific resin treating to polishing and stocking of processed materials.
All kinds of processing activity have their own seat: block stocking at Caprino Veronese, slabs treating and processing at Domegliara and logistics at Volargne.
We process a wide range of materials, granite, marble, onyx, travertine, alabaster, limestone, with a unique care and professionalism.
Thanks to our targets - innovation, organization and human resources training - our company has reached very high quality standards, unthinkable to other companies.

For example, we are the best in slabs restoration.

Click on the links to see slabs restoration before and after being processed.

Possiamo eseguire questa lavorazione su ogni tipo di materiale

Thanks to specific epoxy products and to vacuum, slabs are filled with resin to be better restored and to get a better polishing. In this way, resin penetrates more easily and deeply the natural crack lines of all kinds of material, so that one may think of the beauty and perfection of natural stone. Furthermore, cracks saturated with resin are long lasting in time.

Vacuum system e KG3000 Breton

Our high production performance is strictly linked to the most scrupulous attention to service our customers, from loading their containers up to a photographic service of their blocks slab by slab, that the customers can look through in real time on the web.