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Domegliara SeatMarmi La Bella is specialized in third-part processing of natural stone.
The continuous growth, a constant from the beginning, depends on the experience and the technical and production ability of the whole organization.
The company has three seats to service his customers.

  • The first is the historic seat of Domegliara with an area of 15.000 square-metres and three warehouses with 7.000 covered square-metres.
  • The second one is in Caprino Veronese with an area of 17.500 square-metres, 3.500 covered.
  • The third one, established in 2005, is in Volargne with an area of 20.000 square-metres, 2000 covered.

The three seats are provided with the most innovative technologies available on the market.
The continuous growth is strictly linked to manufacturing differentiation and each area is specialized in a particular activity process.Caprino Seat

  • At Caprino Veronese seat the blocks are stocked and processed. Here there are 6 saws MasterBreton HG for sawing granite blocks into slabs, 2 diamond wire profiling machines, and the equipment necessary to the processing system. There is also a wide warehouse for stocking our customers’ materials from all over the world.
  • At Domegliara seat there are 2 polishing machines KG3000 for granite slabs, 2 polishing machines for marble slabs and an innovative Vacuum System resin-treating plant to restore all kind of material.
  • At Volargne seat we offer a professional logistic service, because of the national and international companies’ increasing need of stocking areas for their products.
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According to the evidence of our achieved goals, in 2005 our company has been given the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification by DNV authority, known worldwide.